Financial Building

Free Yourself From Financial Problems

Life is better with an organized budgeting system

Are you struggling with financial debt? Drowning in calls from creditors? Maybe you're just tired of living paycheck to paycheck. From getting your finances in order to eliminating frivolous spending habits, Kathy Hope will help you take control of your financial situation. The first step to achieving your financial goals is to build a sturdy foundation - and that's exactly what Kathy will help you accomplish.

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Removing the stress from financial strain

Join Kathy for a one hour financial building sessions via Skype at whatever frequency your budget allows. During your session, Kathy will help you:

  • Build your savings
  • Get out of debt
  • Save for retirement

During your first financial building appointment, you'll fill out a questionnaire to identify your top three financial concerns. You can expect Kathy to address all three concerns while you relax in the comfort of your own home. Kathy's work is tailored to each person and their specific situation, so you can trust that you'll receive a plan personalized to you.