My life has two phases: Before and After I found Kathy & Divinity! I feel like I'm a living breathing miracle because of you. You have transformed my life for good in so many ways I don't know where to begin!! The list is so long, but as always the biggest gift you gave me & my family is bringing my body back to life, good health & strength. I was so sick & bed bound for several years when I found you, body so weak with severe muscle atrophy, I could only get up to eat or use the bathroom. With 2 small kids (aged 3 & 9 at the time) I was barely hanging on to my life. My husband was my care taker while looking after the household & kids. It's a time I like to not look back at.. so many so called healers, specialists, supplement programs and 'clean diets' only got me sicker & they had no real answers as to how I can get well. I get teary even thinking about how much I've healed & improved because of my Appointments with you. Somehow God heard my prayers & I got led to you & Divinity. Fast forward nearly 3 yrs later I'm living a dream & a walking talking miracle. I am doing almost everything I did before I got sick, looking after my kids, running the house, gardening & walking & doing things I love & being the mother, wife, daughter, friend, I always wanted to be for my family. Saying Thank you feels not near enough! Apart from my own health, Kathy has helped my husband maintain his health, reduce his prescription meds, progress in his career, brought our finances up to date & even got an incredible outcome for the sale of our home & now helping us buy our own home!! the list of good things that happen keeps growing & growing since we started working with Kathy. On top of all this, Kathy is looking after my parents' health & well being through their Appointments. They're in mid 70s, but in good health & haven't seen a doctor for the last 2 yrs!! Also Kathy helped my dad end a legal battle that went on for nearly 2 decades, bringing the best outcome for him. It's an absolute miracle on its own. My dad's quality of life has improved so much since this legal issue was resolved thanks to Kathy and Divinity. Can you ever thank someone enough, who saved your life, gave you a second chance at it & giving you a brand new one that's much stronger, happier & more full filling? I don't think so, but I do hope Kathy knows what my heart feels for all that she's done for me & family. I'm forever grateful for being guided to Kathy and Divinity & I pray I get to have appointments with her for life! Thank you Kathy Thank you with all my heart!


I started working with KATHY about 4 yrs ago for digestive issues. I'm on the right track & I've also lost approx 20+ lbs !!! Follow the homework and stick to your sessions and results will follow. Currently working with Kathy on eye issues and am seeing remarkable results/healing. Kathy is also helping me with my recovery from Covid. Eternally grateful to be back at work and regaining my strength.


Started working with Kathy due to extreme itchy skin/ welts. It's been a year she is no longer scratching 24/7 n no more welts !! All thanks to Kathy. I followed the homework and stuck with her monthly sessions. She also worked with me on acne n dry scalp. There's nothing Kathy can't help you with.